CMIS news from Nuxeo and Apache

Nuxeo’s The Promises of Modern Chemistry blog entry is actually about the progress of the Apache Chemistry project, and of upcoming CMIS support in the Nuxeo open source ECM platform:

Chemistry is a new Apache project for CMIS that started incubating recently (“incubation” is the term used in the Apache Software Foundation for young projects that still have to prove themselves). Chemistry’s goal is to provide general purposes libraries for interaction using CMIS between a server and a client. These libraries are mainly written in Java, but some JavaScript code has been added as well, and we’re open to more.

The current Chemistry code base has an initial version of the API/SPI together with some actual implementations around the AtomPub protocol. Already Chemistry can talk to itself (AtomPub client talking to AtomPub server) and store data in-memory (which is very handy for unit tests). Outside of the Apache code base, Nuxeo has also coded a backend to provide access to Nuxeo 5.2 repositories using Chemistry. Generic CMIS AtomPub clients like CMIS Explorer are able to see a Nuxeo repository through Chemistry for instance.

Read more on the Nuxeo blog.


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